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Sales Tip

24 September 2012

I was told once that if we can’t sell our ideas then we’ll get nowhere. I’d always assumed that ‘selling’ meant to offer products or services to people and it never occurred to me that ideas needed to be sold as well. In my naivety I’d just assumed that as the idea was mine, and therefore brilliant, it would of course be snapped up with alacrity. (At the end of this post is a product for people to snap up with alacrity).

The upshot of this is that we are all sales people, whether we’re pitching ideas to business colleagues or persuading our partner to adopt our cunning plan for….well you decide…!

A top tip for sales success is simply to turn a hard sell into an easy buy. Stop pushing and arm twisting and instead offer the other party what they want, make it low risk for them and full of great benefits that will help them out, or will solve a problem.

This week what do you need to turn into an easy buy? Our next idea could unlock a whole new opportunity for us…once we have made it an easy buy!

As an example, I turned a new coach training package into an easy buy by making it a Skype course at only £197 per month, for an ILM Level 5 Certificate. Full of coaching tools and Transactional Analysis techniques it’s unique, delivered straight to your desk and hassle free. I love it! It’s an easy buy!


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