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Sales Secrets Part 2

6 November 2016

It still surprises me when I go networking and meet people who are hell bent on telling me everything about their business. I’m not interested! If I want to know I will ask …I trust myself with this kind of thing.

What I am interested in is making friends and building trust, so I’d rather have a friendly chat first and let the conversation flow. If the other person is in ‘send mode’ I can feel myself losing concentration, as they outline the finer points of double glazing (which I’m sure is jolly interesting, but I don’t need any).

However, the secret this week is not listening. It’s awareness. The next time we go to a sales meeting, or networking event, we can take a friend with us to observe our performance and give us quality feedback. If we lack self awareness then we can waffle instead of being succinct, over-sell instead of being succinct and go heavy on the detail …instead of being succinct.

Awareness! How good is yours?

Next week: Sales Secret No.3


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