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Psychometric Success

25 September 2016

About 20 years ago personality profiling was all the rage and, to me, it seemed like you couldn’t order a coffee without someone trying to work out what that told them about your inner self. One company I used to work with would only promote people according to their profile results, taken at their interview and never updated. This, of course, is hugely unethical and I’m sure many of us have a similar story to share.

However, used ethically and safely a personality profile can really help us to get the best from people. We can identify where friction may occur in a team and can then organise targetted coaching, or training, to improve team dynamics. We can discover the hidden talents of our colleagues and can arrange roles and tasks so that people play to their strengths.

I used to thoroughly dislike profiling and the people who professed to be experts, who were in fact struggling with their own lack of Okness. Being a curious fish I decided to find out more, and became qualified to administer and assess them, and in doing so overcame my own prejudices.

Profiling is now a key part of my business and helps clients to see themselves with clarity. LaunchPad is the one I favour as it can be used online and contains favourites such as Belbin’s team roles and Kolb’s learning styles.

This week if you need clarity about yourself, or a colleague, or a team, please get in touch. Psychometric success can lead to greater organisational success.

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