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Over Thinking (Avoid)

25 October 2015

A colleague of mine, some years ago, introduce me to the phrase:

‘Paralysis by analysis’

…which I have to admit describes my own style on more than a few occasions.

When we are tired, or hungry, it’s tempting to forget that our faculties dim. We think we are thinking and yet in reality we are only thinking about thinking as opposed to actually thinking clearly.

If we are asking too many questions, checking tiny details and spotting microscopic flaws them we are over thinking. We need to take a deep breath, take a step back and remind ourselves just what we are trying to achieve here.

Life is too short for peeling grapes or ironing underpants. (You know who you are). Let the small things go. They don’t add much value and they consume precious seconds of our life.

Instead we can take care of ourselves and take a break. We can work when our natural rhythms help us to think. We can get support too and maybe hire a business coach to create a productive and time focussed safe thinking space.

This week have fun by being decisive. Open the biscuit tin and give yourself three seconds to choose what to have. Any longer and you forfeit your dunking opportunity. Good luck with your mission!

Next week: Being Kind


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