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Out Out And Taste The Air!

18 May 2014

We have had some lovely weather recently and how¬†refreshing to be able to slip on the old shorts and slide into the garden for a spot of sunbathing…we all need a bit of Vitamin D and it’s great to cast off the greatcoat and get into a happy Spring mood.

The same applies to work and although not I’m necessarily advocating wearing shorts to work (although I don’t see why the sight of naked legs should still be frowned upon outside of the Royal Navy)….I am suggesting though that we can all have great fun by moving outside our office.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been having fun coaching on the beach in North Norfolk and coaching by the South bank of the Thames, under the shadow of HMS Belfast. Walking and coaching is a great way to develop new ideas and untangle the tricky knots in our head that organisations can engender. Starting a coaching session with a delicious French style breakfast in London gets you in the mood to talk and think and work through worries and create new possibilities.

If we are heading to an inspiring environment then we are likely to be looking forward to the work and be full of energy when we arrive there. If we are a bit jaded, or a bit stuck, then swapping our office for the blue skies of a beach, or the rushing water of a river bank, or the smooth green carpet of a park can lift us and inspire us.

And of course it is still work! There is no law that says we have to lead boring work lives!

So this week, my invitation to you is leave your office, or park your car, or throw open the door and go outside and work somewhere with sky for ceiling and flowers instead of power sockets.

We can all go out out and taste the air!

Where will you go?

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