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13 December 2015

Tweeting can help to build a business and in Norfolk we have a Norfolk Hour and a Norwich Hour, where tweeters use the appropriate hashtag to join in the friendly discussions. People tweet links, share photos, or promote their latest offers. They make friends, meet new people and find new customers.

And now they have even more fun as Future Radio has a Monday evening Norwich Hour show from 8.00 to 9.00pm where people can tweet us @futureradio and choose a track. We have weekly themes and news features too. People can sponsor a show as well, and add extra PR sparkle to their business that week.

If you’re thinking Norwich is a bit sleepy….well….last week we were trending on Twitter UK during the show and that’s a lot of interaction to be part of!

If you’re not in Norfolk you can still take part by tuning in online at or via DAB digital radio or with a radio player app.

We have a team of crack hosts and I’m lucky enough to be one of them, so tune in and take part. It could help your business and we always have fun.

And maybe explore similar Twitter happenings in your area? They are a route to market and not to be ignored.

Eight years ago I started tweeting to help rebuild my business after the recession. I made friends, created a huge local network for myself, sold books and found a great customer (who I’d never have met otherwise).

Take time to have fun with Twitter and join us at #NorwichHour @futureradio. Which track would you like me to play for you?

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