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My Favourite Joke

12 April 2020

I love giving my time to charity. I’ve given two hours a week, every week, for the last nine years.

I’m proud of that and although I didn’t used to think I was a particularly giving person, I have found that I am, when I find the right cause.

My cause is community radio.

I’m not a cyclist, or a cook, so I’m not going to cycle round the world, or bake amazing cakes. I do what I love and give my time freely.

It’s okay to do what we love and what we like doing. If that ties in with a good cause then even better.

Community radio, despite the detractors who think it’s all amateurish, is amazing. It gives people a voice, shares information and entertains in a hearty way. I host the Business Life show every Thursday from 12.00 to 2.00pm and we celebrate local business people (from any part of any sector), play music, share tips and generally have fun.

I think business ought to be fun. If something is a grind, then why are we wasting our precious life on it?

It’s so lovely to interview local people and celebrate their work and celebrate them too. Business is part of the community and many of our guests do a lot for local charities and it’s heart warming to talk about that work too.

The current crisis means that guests have to phone in and I’m alone in the studio, pushing buttons and keeping the radio wheels turning. We are deemed an essential service and we are a charity too, so our income is down even though our listener interaction is up.

We carry on anyway. The other volunteers have adjusted to recording at home, or have changed their show times. I now do three hours every Thursday, starting with a community session at 11.00am …playing music, sharing important information and telling some awful dad jokes. Luckily, I’m a dad, so have a licence for that kind of thing.

So then, what’s the point of this piece?

Well, firstly it’s to say thank you to all the business people out there who are also volunteering and giving their time to society right now.

It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we do something.

And it’s also an invitation to you. If you’d like to be a guest on the show and talk about your business then please get in touch and we can set that up. Our style is friendly and informative. We like making new friends and if you’re stuck at home then take advantage of some free marketing and come on the show!

I won’t spoil your day here with a gaggle of bad dad jokes. That’s bad jokes, not me as a bad dad.

There is one though, that has stuck in my head. It makes me smile just thinking about it and, even better, it’s a business joke!

The radio station is and you can find us in Norwich (UK) on 107.8FM or from anywhere in the world online.

And the joke is this….

‘Apparently it’s been reported that Meatloaf is now dating his accountant. She says she’ll do anything for love, but she won’t do VAT’

Oh, makes me laugh every time.

Whatever you do, do something. It’s good for society and ultimately good for business. Good things are always repaid.

Keep well.

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