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Mindful Minutes

21 October 2013

Rush rush rush.

That might describe our day, our week, our life!

Our head is full of tasks and noise and the busyness of our existence.

To think clearly we can take two minutes to be mindful – to quieten the noise and to be calm for a moment.

Today we can find a point in the day when we can sit quietly and instead of working we can place our feet flat on the floor, close our eyes and listen to the world around us.

Just listen. Hear our breathing, hear the sounds of birds and cars outside our office. Hear the wind in the leaves. Hear the tick of a clock or the distant toot of a train.

No work. No rush. Just listen.

Two minutes of being in the world. Being mindful.

Then we can open our eyes, breathe softly and notice how calm we are. With a quieter head our thoughts have had space and time to flow and gel. Work seems to flow more smoothly and we feel happier.

Be mindful today for two minutes and enjoy life.

Next week: Holding the silence.


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