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Marketing Matters

27 March 2016

It’s the Easter weekend and you can’t move for cute chicks and bouncy bunnies all designed to make us feel good and then buy chocolate chicks and bunnies. Marketing managers want us to receive their message that as chicks are naturally happy birds, by eating a chocolate version of one we too can be happy. Well, that’s how I see it, but the important thing is that marketing matters. And of course any excuse for chocolate is a good excuse!

Even if we don’t personally agree with the message presented to us, we can accept that someone somewhere has bought into it. Marketing oils the wheels of the sales steam train, that puffs relentlessly up and down the track of our consciousness, tooting it’s whistle and inviting us to buy.

We don’t need to understand the finer points of marketing demographics and so on, all we need to do is accept that marketing is about getting our message out there, by using appropriate channels of communication.

So, this week, after we have finished the last of our kids’┬áchocolate eggs (without┬átelling them) we can reflect on where and how marketing influenced our Easter. We can then take a moment to remind ourselves that marketing does matter and then decide what our next marketing move will be.

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