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Marketing Does Work

5 June 2016

So the phrase goes: Half of all money spent on marketing is wasted, the trick is knowing which half. This might seem a bit cynical, given the expertise and hard work that goes into marketing work, but to me it reveals a deeper truth. Namely that marketing does work. If you had to spend £1 to get a new customer and knew that 50p was being wasted would you still spend £1? I would. Business without marketing activity is really not a business, just someone waiting for their luck to change.

However, lots of people I’ve worked with in business struggle to realise that marketing is vital. It gets our message out into the world and alerts people to our presence. We don’t know when someone might need us so we have to keep marketing ourselves and our products and services. 

For example, I’ve written this blog every Sunday for the last six years (doesn’t time fly) and each month I offer a free coaching taster via the ‘Rich Revisted’ mail out. A few weeks ago I had a call from someone who needed coaching and who took advantage of the offer to talk through an issue and then to use it as a spring board for ongoing coaching for himself. I had no idea of his need and would not have secured the work without the blog as a way for him to find me.

Whether we go networking, use social media, write blogs, give talks at events,or send out newsletters …we need to keep marketing ourselves. It works, it just requires ongoing effort.

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