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Make It Happen

18 September 2016

We all have ambition, we all have a list of things we want to achieve, maybe this week, or this month, or before we turn up our toes.

And yet it’s far too easy to delay, or succumb to fear and then to wait until ‘the time is right’ …when in reality the time is never going to be right. There is just time and complexity in our lives and we have to choose to get on with what is in our heart, or to accept that we will be leading a smaller life.

The same runs with our business. If we have a business goal then we can make it happen. We might have to break the ambition down into stages and tick them off one at a time, or we might have to let go of something in order to create space for newness.

We can choose a path that works for us and any path is just a scar on the landscape, until we step onto it and turn it into something functional.

We can all make it happen …and if we don’t, did we really want it in the first place?

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