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Living Our Brand

20 May 2018

Acting is hard work. Imagine the energy required to perform a two hour play and then to repeat that every night for six months. Turning yourself into another person takes dedication and training and the desire to succeed.

It’s much easier to be yourself.

Radio is an interesting medium and as you only have a microphone it’s really very hard to disguise who you are. The real person tends to show through and for me it’s a joy to interview business guests each week at Future Radio 107.8FM (catch us online or via an app 12pm to 2pm every Thursday lunchtime). The joy happens when the nerves dissipate, the guest relaxes and they allow themselves to show up.

We get to chat to the real person and not a PR polished facsimile of themselves. People are great …full of humour and warmth and interesting stories. My job as a host is to bring that out and invite them to share it live on air. Afterall, people buy people!

Which brings me to branding and our brand values. My view is that if our brand reflects the real us then we will consistently uphold it, without having to bleed energy into it.

If we try and present ourselves as something which is not quite the true us then it’s likely we will get caught out at an inconvenient time. The equivalent of a ‘social vegetarian’ who professes to only eat a healthy plant foods and is then caught munching a bacon sandwich one day.

Actors are trained to act and for the rest of us we need to be ourselves and let our brand values represnt us honestly.

I present myself as professional, creative and fun. Workshops flow much better when people are laughing and learning, in my opinion. Other trainers have a different style and that’s great because society can cater for all comers.

This week take a moment to reflect on your brand values. Ask yourself if they reflect the real you, or if you’ve accidentally pasted in something that sounds good on paper, but doesn’t quite fit your true style.

Next week: Conflict, People And Task


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