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It’s Easier Than You Think

9 April 2012

I’m in Coquitlam, Vancouver, standing in a kitchen at the end of a jolly Easter Party. Three days ago I was in Warrnambool, then after a 3 hour train ride ended up in Melbourne. I stayed overnight in a faceless exec hotel then caught the early flight to L.A. and rushed through customs to connect with the early morning flight up to Vancouver.

Lots of time zone changes …hence the two early flights!

At the start of my trip I was worried about all this. It felt like a complicated travel plan with lots of things to go wrong and yet once I arrived in Canada it all seemed relatively simple.

Do ‘A’ first then pause and do ‘B’ and so on. When you break it down into smaller steps what had felt daunting was much easier to accomplish than I had first thought.

It’s easy to see the ‘big picture’ and get scared at making a change. The road ahead seems long and arduous with traps and pitfalls waiting to catch out the unwary. People often fail to start something as a way to stay safe. Even though they want to make a change they become overwhelmed at the size of the task ahead.

Flying around the world solo might seem a difficult task to do and yet having (almost) completed it the tricky bit that I was worried about wasn’t really so hard after all.

So, if you’re a bit stuck and want to make a change, don’t worry about the entire road ahead. Instead focus on a reasonable chunk that takes you somewhere good, break it down into easy bites and have a go at the first one.
Before you know it you’ll be in Canada having fun at an Easter party!

It’s easier than you think!


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