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Is Your CV A Fossil Or A Friend?

9 October 2011

Mr T-Rex says "Get some CV action or you're nuts!"

Mr T-Rex says "Get some CV action or you're nuts!"

If you open a bottle of wine and leave it (who am I kidding, but run with it) the contents will eventually go sour.

If you make a tasty cheese sandwich and then leave on a plate, it will go hard and curly. (Some then find their way into railway buffet cars, the others go furry).

If you write a CV and leave it for three years the minerals in it will become calcified, eventually turning it into a fossil. Which is useless when you need it in a hurry.

Our pick and mix world of Modern Careers means that we have to be flexible thinkers, resilient enough to take a few knocks, and still bounce back, and prepared at all times to respond to the expected ‘unexpected’ events that are more easy to predict than many people think.

If we don’t have an up to date CV we run the risk of forgetting our proudest achievements and of falling out of step with our own brand.

So, the question is this: When did you last update your CV? Last week? Last year?

Dig it out and dust it off. You want it to be a friend and not a fossil.

We all know why the dinosaurs died out… it was nothing to do with a meteorite impact. They were simply out-competed by small hairy mammals with crisp CVs and elegant interview techniques.

Don’t leave it too late. Take care of your friendly CV this week.

Have fun!

PS…. Like Disney who had 101 dalmations, this is my 101st post…! Thanks to you all for reading them and tweeting them out. Writing a weekly blog is a tough discipline to follow, but it’s fun to do and I’m pleased with the way my ‘Modern Careers’ branding is starting to get traction out in the world.

And please do have a look at my Second Video – which is all about the energy for change and coffee vs water. What do you choose?



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