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Is It Ok To Be Not Ok?

2 December 2013

Yes, I think it is.

Okness (from Transactional Analysis) means that we have a right to be here, we have value and we matter. Deep down we are all ok and this doesn’t change.

Sometimes our feelings and thoughts and behaviours towards ourselves and others may not be ok. We might put ourselves in an ‘it’s alright for you’ position or we might be dismissive of others. We might shout at them or be unkind in some way.

If we are tired or stressed these kind of responses can happen instantly and may be a way to keep ourselves protected from perceived harm.

However, we can also notice how we feel or think and can choose more appropriate responses. We might feel Not Ok and instead of being rude, simply ask the other person to give us five minutes, or to come back later.

We can know that we are ok deep down and can be skilful at hearing our own self-talk and at dealing with other people.

We can be Not Ok in the moment and still be gracious with others.

Think about it. 

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