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In Or Out Of Control?

23 October 2016

The word ‘controlling’ is often used as a term of abuse, when in truth we need to be controlling our business and be in control of our staff, assets, finances and sales process.

We are out of control when we shout, belittle people, make snap decisons, reverse our snap decisons, complain about everyone else, miss deadlines, let our cashflow dwindle, or accept poor performance from our teams.

Being in control does not mean to stifle, dictate, order or rant.

It means we have clear boundaries and that we stick to them. It means we communicate effectively so people know what is expcected of them. It means we are fair and consistent and thoughtful.

Controlling is good! The next time someone complains about a colleague who is ‘controlling’ you might invite them to read this and point out, that in fact, their colleague is out of control.

It’s a business paradox! 

Next week: The first of a 5 part series to share super sales tips!


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