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I’ll Have A ‘P’ Please Bob

6 April 2015

Blockbusters! Remember that epic TV game show, hosted by Bob Holness and much loved by students everywhere. The aim of the game was to move across the board by choosing letters and answering quiz questions, whose answer began with that letter. 

Sometimes the next letter was a P, so the grinning contestant would ask ‘Can I have a P please Bob?!’

It was a pretty edgy kind of show!

One P that I like is P for Permission. A permission is a statement that allows us to unlock new thinking, create new behaviours and enable us to become unstuck. We can give them to ourselves, we can share them with friends and family and we can use them at work to support the development of our colleagues.

Here are some of my favourites and you’re welcome to choose which ones speak to you. Feel free to adjust the words and to share them with people in a smiley, kindly way.

It’s ok to get help.

It’s ok to have needs and wants.

It’s ok to make a start and work it out as we go.

It’s ok to not know things and to find out.

It’s ok to stop.

We can be resourceful.

We can find our voice and speak up.

We can know that we are important.

Good enough is good enough.

It’s ok to share feelings with special friends.

It’s ok to ask for what we really need.

It’s ok to take time.

We can choose to make changes.

We can choose to take care of ourselves.

It’s ok to rest.

It’s ok to say not at this time, or not in this way.

It’s ok to be the age we are now.

It’s ok to make a mistake and to learn from it.

It’s ok to smile.

Have fun with permissions and we can create them to suit our situation. You’re welcome to email me and share your permissions too!

Next week: Just Be


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