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If It’s Not Working Change It

22 April 2013

Here’s a simple story of how business works…

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I could provide someone with career coaching. I often support people with their job hunting and their internal development issues so I sent out a polite reply and waited.

Nothing happened.

When I met with my sales admin support I recounted the story and she wondered if my price had been a bit high.

Had it? I had no evidence, but then again if you’re too high people don’t always tell you, they just go elsewhere.

In the spirit of friendly support I sent a second email to the potential client and suggested a different way of working.

Within an hour he had replied and commented that my first approach had seemed too expensive for him and that this new option was just the thing!

And the point of the story is of course that if something isn’t working we can change it.

What do you need to change this week?


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