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How Will You Take Care Of Yourself?

23 April 2012

I’ve had a weekend off; a whole weekend away from my desk. Amazing eh!? I think I’m still recovering from book writing, trip preparation, time zone fatigue and the general weariness of running at 100mph all the time.

I know I’m not alone here and it’s easy for us to work hard, then work a bit harder and then worker harder still and keep squeezing the lemon to get out every last drop of juice.

Recently a good friend of mine asked me to promise that I would take care of myself and I instantly said ‘Yes of course I would’ in that knee jerk way have sometimes, when we react without really thinking it through.

However, their words have struck a chord and have made me more aware of my own health and fatigue levels …hence the weekend off.

I think it’s okay to work hard and to push the boundaries a bit, if it’s helping us to make progress, achieve ambitions or create space for growth and friendship.

However, we can lose sight of our own needs and forget to take good care of ourselves.

Therefore, when you’re galloping through your own helter-skelter life this week ask yourself:

‘How am I going to take care of myself?’

Working hard is laudable, but burning out isn’t fun. So, take good care and remember that time off is still an essential part of a successful working life.

Be kind to the lemon!


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