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How To Unlock New Thinking

4 October 2015

Sometimes we get a bit stuck and our thinking drops into a handy groove and continues in that fashion, like a needle stuck in an old 78 record. No matter how hard we try to break out and fix the problem, we are constrained by our prior thoughts.

One way to unlock new thinking is to draw the future. We can find a blank piece of paper and sketch a picture of what we’d like to have in our business life. If you’d like some fun this week, take a few minutes to be creative and draw what you’d like your life to look like. Then notice the details in the picture and wonder how you made it to that place.

Another way, which I used recently, was simply to meet with different colleagues. If we change nothing, then nothing will change. So, to make a difference we brought an old problem to new people and the new mix of experience and personalities created a real breakthrough with our thinking.

Coaching can achieve this new mix and if you don’t have a coach to hand then perhaps contact two people and compare their responses to your problem.

Unlocking new thinking can be as simple as a telephone call.

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