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How To Get A Job – Be Proud!

16 July 2012

I love what I do, partly because I’m a great coach (and there’s nothing wrong in being proud of yourself) and mainly because I work with lovely, interesting, talented people. They don’t think they are though to begin with …and happily they tend to find that out they really are great after we’ve spent some time together.

One of the reasons for mentioning this is that if we want to get a job we can make a good start by reminding ourselves that we’re special. We have skills, talents, a lovely smile, a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn …and so on. We can decide what’s good about us and once we have the secret smile in place we’re in a good position to make progress.

If we can’t sell ourselves to ourself how can we be expected to sell ourselves to other people?

Many people will read this and think ‘Pah! Easy for you to say!’ …they instantly make out that they’re not good enough!

So I say: ‘Pah! What nonsense! The world needs us all! Stop putting bricks in your path and instead take time to allow yourself to be proud!’

That’s the message for this week …take time to stop rushing about and sit back and allow yourself to be proud of who you are what you do well.

Make time and think about it!

Oh and if you were wondering what happened last week (as there was no blog) I was away at an event and instead of cramming in a quick blog post I used the time to sit back and think about what I am good at!

I’m a great Career Turnaround specialist. If you know someone who needs to make a change, reduce stress, increase confidence and generally improve their performance then do please put us in touch. I’m great …and they will be too!

Have fun!


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