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How To Cut Up A Lemon

6 September 2015

Sharing is lovely. Lemons are lovely too and are an essential ingredient in G&Ts or a nice hot cup of, er, well, lemon in the morning. G&T is for after 5.30pm obviously.

I’m sure you know how to cut up a lemon and this is a particularly good ‘chef-style’ way that avoids getting squirted in the eye, if you are about to squeeze some juice over your food.

1. Take a lemon and cut off both ends to leave the middle 80%.

2. Stand this on one end and cut down through it to create two halves.

3. Lay each half face down and cut them into quarters along the width, to make 4 chunky lemon wedges.

4. For each quarter carefully trim off the pith along the narrow end of the wedge and remove any pips.

5. Finally cut into each quarter from the inside and at the midpoint, but stop when you reach the skin. This will break the tension in the little inner structures, so if you squeeze it the juice tends not to shoot out at random.

You will now have 8 beautifully sliced wedges of lemon. And if you only want one, pop the rest into the freezer for another day. I use them straight from freezer into boiling water for a morning cup of hot lemon and now I don’t have half a spare lemon cluttering up the kitchen. I love it!

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