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How Much Resource Do You Overlook?

27 January 2013

Of course we’re all resourceful people, able to waft a hand at our smartphone and instantly connect to six supporters, or order something expensive online.

However, how often do you look around at the other people in your organisation and consider their potential?

I met with a friend last week and he shared a great story about networking. His inclusive approach assumes that all people have value and as such he realised that it wasn’t just the 3 directors who should go networking.

He asked the rest of his staff if they would be interested in attending business breakfasts and speaking events and several stepped forward, only too pleased to be able to develop themselves, meet new people and help build the business.

As a result he now has over 20 networkers in his business, which is a 7-times increase in the amount of resource out there helping the organisation to thrive.

This happy little story leads us to two helpful questions:

1) Who do you have in your business who could do more to drive growth?

2) What other untapped resources do you have under your nose?

It could be that you have products, people, time, cash, connections or friends that you’ve overlooked.

This week, go on a resource-hunt. What have you got that you’re wasting?

I’m going to look too. Starting in the biscuit tin. I bet there are some custard creams in there that need re-homing…..


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