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How Long Is A Minute?

26 July 2015

Nature abhors a vacuum. That’s why space is full of planets and stars and gravity. It’s the same with humans, our speech is peppered with errs and umms and often we can’t wait for the other person to finish, so we can dive in and share our thinking.

However, if we want to make an impact, sell our point, or invite someone to think then silence is the key.

We can hold the silence and give them space to think and reflect and feel the depth of our emotion.

Here’s a fun exercise to sensitise us to the power of silence….

Sit in a safe space. Look at the exact time. Now close your eyes and count to 60 seconds. Open your eyes. How much time has elapsed? 45, 65, 95 seconds?

How did it feel to count for a minute?

When I do this with groups there is always a variation in how long people can estimate a minute of time. It shows us how people perceive time differently and how one person might need 10 seconds of silence to think in, whilst someone else might need 25 seconds.

So, the next time you want to make an impact, fall silent and give them a minute to think….and let them decide how long a minute really is!

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