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Happy Hat Wearing

29 November 2015

We are people of hats. Many hats. Many splendid hats. Indeed, this is a hat wearing time of year, where we might sport a nifty bobble, a colourful ski, or a furry trapper. I can vividly remember the last time I wore my (fake) furry hat; it was very snug on the windy outward leg of my beach coach walk and then, as is the way with variable Spring weather, way too hot on the return leg. By this time people were paddling and I was the only person on the beach to be wearing a fur hat. Not cool, in both senses of the word.

However, we can’t be over-dressed with our business; we can be the Master of Hats and the Director of Headgear. If we are running our own organisation then we need to flick adroitly between a wide variety of business hats. Director, accountant, marketer, therapist, consultant, manager, cleaner, trainer, stationery organiser – we all have many hats and if we don’t wear any one them our business could suffer.

So, this week take a fresh look at your collection of business hats and ask yourself if you tend to wear one more than the others, and if there is one languishing at the back of a business cupboard? Dig it out and pop it on! It might be the best business move you’ve made this year!

Next week: It’s C-Time!


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