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21 February 2016

Brrrr…it’s chilly out there, as February clings on to cooler Winter weather and a watery sun pops up, that is bright, but largely ineffectual. I was chatting to the daffodils earlier and they were all complaining that what looked like Spring, wasn’t, and they wished they had not bloomed quite so readily.

So it is with business, we can win an order and assume that the sales graph will continue to soar upwards, like a kite being launched into a strong breeze. How often does business actually go in a nice neat curve? Rarely.

Winter is not a good time for hands and I’ve been noticing that the cold winds have dried mine out. Then I noticed that all I was doing was noticing this and doing nothing about it, so I went out and purchased a small tube of hand cream that I can keep in the car. No point in having a big pot of gloop at home when you’re away on business, as that’s useless. Now I have hands that are no longer looking so wind blown and uncared for. I think hands can be a window to the soul, and maybe that’s a thought for a another day.

However, hands a are a good metaphor for business. What do you need to notice that you’re noticing? What can you do about it? Lots of people talk a good story and fail to act, hoping something good will come up, or that Spring weather will somehow deliver magical improvements. What is the ‘business hand cream’ that you need to rub on?

If we look after and hands and look after our business then we will be a success!


In memoriam. This week sees the anniversary of the death of my lovely nephew Wills, who died just short of his 15th birthday on 26th February 2015, after spending 4 weeks in a coma as a result of contracting a one-in-a-million virus. At the time I wrote about this sad event and was overwhelmed with replies, so thank you to all those lovely people who made contact. One year on reminds me that life is fleeting and so please take time to think about someone who is no longer with you and then take time to hug someone who is. Life is too short to be sparing with hugs.

Thank you, Richard.


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