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Growth Through Being Vulnerable

11 April 2016

In my world of Transactional Analysis being vulnerable is a good thing. It means allowing yourself to share what’s important (when you’re in a safe space) and in doing so to have a chance to grow. I realise that in the wider world ‘being vulnerable’ can mean many things in many settings.

I made a decision many years ago that when having supervision on my work (always a great way to learn) that I’d be open about my fears and mistakes and successes and my own pride at the work I do. All of this counts and when we take a chance with someone who is safe we allow ourselves to grow.

So it is with my ukulele. It’s an Ibanez concert sized semi-acoustic beauty with a spelted-ash body and the ability to sound bluesy, funny, rocky and soft-hearted. Last year I took it outside and played to the swans on the river. They didn’t seem to mind so then I took it to a little TA workshop and played it there. People liked it. So, two weeks ago I took it to a conference and at 4.00am bought it down to the bar and busked happily whilst my friends chatted.

Ok, you might say so 4.00am (yes really) is a quiet time, but it was a public space and there was no mistaking that someone was playing quietly in the bar (no need to be loud and wake people). I was nervous at first, I think we all get hooked back to being young and those first moments on stage in the school Nativity. My friends applauded and I realised they had been listening as they chatted and were enjoying the background music. Correction, not the music, my music.

I had allowed myself to be vulnerable with my friends and in doing so my confidence grew a bit as I realised that my café busking style of playing is really quite good. Go me!

We can all find a safe space to share and show off our stuff. If you lack one then feel free to get in touch – Skype coaching with heart (TA is a safe way to share) is a click away! I promise I wont play any uke down the line at you!

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