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Find The Gift

1 May 2016

In adversity there are often little nuggets of gold that we can miss, if we don’t look for them. To find the gift, doesn’t mean someone offering us clich├ęs or platitudes. Instead it means that perhaps we have been presented with a new opportunity, that life isn’t really as bad as it seems, or that we can learn from the situation.

Last year, as I have written about before, my dear nephew William passed away suddenly. Now, to say there is a gift in this might sound crushingly insensitive as there is nothing worse than the death of a child. However, our loss has reminded me that no matter how much my children are annoying or cantankerous (as kids can be) I can always kiss them. One kiss is riches beyond measure – and that has helped me to maintain a grounded perspective when life is fraught.

Take some time this week to think through a tricky situation you are faced with and see if you can find the gift in there. You might be pleasantly surprised, when you adopt a positive mind set! (This has worked for me in many situations).

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