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Feeling Feelings Is Healthy

22 March 2015

Thank you.

Thank you for all of your good wishes and kind words and shared stories. Last week was tough because at around 2.30pm on Monday we buried our dear nephew William Finch. My children each made up a Lego mini-figure to stay with him and keep him company. Harvey was a cool dude with a medallion, Theo was a multicoloured spaceman, Lucy was an explorer and Oscar was a man dressed as a hotdog.

I’ve been really touched by your stories and how taking a moment to feel our feelings has had an impact.

We can speed through our business lives and in the quest to turn a profit, or clinch that deal, forget we are human. We can forget that we are flesh and blood and that despite all the swish techno toys, stylish suits, search for the secret of success and tough negotiating stances, one day our time will come. Will our customers and suppliers be leaving Lego mini-figures for us? Hopefully they will.

We can over-complicate our lives with over-work and over-worry and can forget simple pleasures and the joy of thanking those who work with us for their effort and their loyalty.

So this week I say thank you to you for reading this blog and for sharing my pain and sadness over the death of William Finch, who stopped making Lego models aged 14. You have been very kind.

And maybe you can think of someone you need to thank this week. Maybe there is someone in your business world who matters to you, I mean really matters. Take a moment to notice them, to say thank you and maybe even buy them a Lego mini-figure to play with! We can all remember that happy, playful feelings are good too! Go for it! Go and have some fun. 


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