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Existing Not Exiting

11 July 2016

In the rush of life we can lose sight ourselves. We can be hammered flat by a poor working environment, bullying leadership, or the stress of having too much to do in any given day.

We trudge through our existence and the little spark that is us, grows dim inside.

The trouble is that often we do not see this change for ourselves and we only realise our spark is dim when it all becomes too much and we fall over and exit the situation.

I exist.

You exist.

We are important.

We have value.

You can stop ‘putting up with’ a poor working life.

We can all keep our feet on the ground, be present-centred and decide what we need to do next, in order to enhance our health and well being.

For example, I have recently called-out a problem of bullying within an organisation. Having a constructive difference of opinion is one thing, but labelling people and falsely accusing them of poor behaviour is not ‘tough leadership’. It is bullying, pure and simple and deserves not to be tolerated. We exist – we can find our voice. We exist – we can make changes.

Think about it.

Next week: The Value Of Stopping


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