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Don’t Do Trying – Do Doing

8 October 2012

When we don’t really want to do a task we insert a little caveat into our promise to ourselves, or our line manager, that we will ‘try’ and get the task done in the way they want it.

Then, when we fail to complete the task to the required standard, or in the required timescale, we can cash in our verbal insurance policy and remind the world that we only promised to try and complete it. We didn’t actually promise that we would definitely, certainly, absolutely complete it.

Here are some examples of insurance at work:

I will try and get up on time.

I will try and lose weight this week.

I will try and write my blog on a Sunday and not leave it until first thing Monday morning.

Of course none of these apply to me. They’re just things I’ve heard other people say…

This week our task is to notice when we insert the word ‘try’ into our promises and to stop, reflect and change our words.

Remove the word ‘try’ and in its place make our promise something that we can and will keep to.

I’m going to stop ‘trying’ to get up on time and instead will get up on time, as I have to write the submission for book 6, for 2013. If I try – I’ll fail, and I like being Writer Rich too much, so I’ll do some doing instead!

What will you be doing?


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