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Don’t Do A Bit, Do Lots!

7 December 2014

When is a door not a door? …When it’s ajar!

When is a business not a business? …When it’s half-hearted!

One of these statements is a joke and the other one is a reality. I’ve been taking a straw poll of people who ask me about my current success and have noticed a key difference between them and me. Our conversations have tended to run like this:

Person: So Richard are you busy?
Me: Yes, I am rushed off my feet and have a number of new clients this year who are great to work with.
Person: Gosh that’s good! (Wistful gaze) I could do with a bit more work, what’s your secret?
Me: Well, I have weekly networking meetings with all sorts of people, I go to a business breakfast once a month, I write a blog every week (for four years now), I have a sales PA who is a technical whizz and sets up tweets and we send out Mail Chimp email offers and blogs to my database, I put blogs on LinkedIn, I have delivered free introductory workshops to corporate clients to generate interest, I maintain a sales spreadsheet which tracks every prospect and generates follow up actions, I can up-sell official ILM courses and also have a brilliant personality profile called LaunchPad which clients like, I have a Facebook page too and also every week give 3 hours of my time to charity where I meet new people (the radio show is volunteer based and I love the discipline of it). What do you do?
Person: Um, er, none of that.
Me: That’s ok and if you want more work maybe choose something you could do?
Person: (Half-hearted voice) Yes, I suppose I could do a bit more networking…

I bet they do nothing!

I love my business and am so pleased that I have really properly learned what it takes to run a business proactively. In essence I’ve learned that to be successful I need to be either delivering (coaching, consulting, lecturing and so on) or selling (chatting, eating cake, listening and so on) …and that’s it.

If we want to have a successful business we need to do a lot of selling. That includes marketing, networking, positioning, exploring, offering, chatting, emailing, tweeting and making new friends.

Be honest here….if my level of sales activity is 80% (I can always do more) how much is yours compared to mine? Are you at 100%? Do you do the maximum you can?

What do you really need to do more of?

Remember – Don’t do a little…do lots! That’s the secret of success!

Next week: 3 Useful Books

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