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Doing The Right Thing

14 August 2016

How good are you at making tough decisions? Successful business comes from knowing when to act and when to realise that we are perhaps a little blinded by emotion and so failing to take decisive action. For example, are we:

Hanging on to a loved product, that doesn’t earn any cash?

Avoiding making personnel changes, because we can’t face a difficult conversation?

Delaying sales activity because we don’t like networking with new people?

I’m sure we all allow emotion to cloud logic, and it could be argued that logic doesn’t really exist, it’s just a more grounded emotional response to things. However, we do need to do the right thing in business. We need to remove an obsolete product from our range, shed staff when their skills are no longer needed and hit the road and go seeking new customers.

Doing the right thing isn’t about being mean or callous. It’s about responding honestly to the situation we are facing. Business never stops evolving and so if we don’t make a few tough decisions from time to time we are likely to be out-paced by the competition. Then the toughest decision of all could be upon us …to close our business.

This week look into your heart and ask yourself what are you ignoring or delaying?

And if your heart needs a friendly guide then feel free to get in touch. Doing the right thing doesn’t have to be lonely!

Next week: Business Sunbathing


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