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Doing Different Dunking For 2014

5 January 2014

Last week we had a learning review with biscuits, so it makes sense to continue to the next logical step…choosing new biscuits for 2014.

Actually, I don’t mind what you dunk in your tea (I’ve heard some people swap digestives for doughnuts) as long as:

a) You enjoy it

b) Nobody gets hurt

It is interesting to note that Eric Berne (founder of Transactional Analysis) said, ‘Above all else – do no harm’ …which is a good motto to have when we are working with others, negotiating deals and running our business professionally.

When we think about the year ahead and what changes we need to make to our business, are we taking other people into account? Are we about to do what we consider to be the ‘right thing’ whilst at the same time causing harm to someone? For example, if we have to make a tough choice and let people go, are we planning on doing it in the best way possible?

We also need to do no harm to ourselves. We need to take breaks, sleep more and drink less caffeine. We can still have tea and biscuits of course and we can find new varieties to dunk. In our business lives we can think about one thing to change this year, for the good of our business, perhaps:

More sales emails?

More sleep?

Add a new product?

Get help?

Last year I changed from being rushing-about-Rich to being busy-business-coach-Rich. I dropped several projects that were weighing me down and focussed on doing what I love most – developmental business coaching.

This year I will change something else. It would be too smug to have thought of something in time for this piece and I haven’t yet. So, this week I am going to think about one thing to change for 2014. It might be something personal, or something work related, but it will be something that has a positive impact on my business.

My invitation to you is to do the same thing. Different biscuits dunked differently could lead to new thoughts! Happy thinking!

Next week: Cashflow is Jack, Queen and King


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