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Do You Sell Yourself?

8 May 2012

I spent a happy weekend teaching job hunting skills to foreign business graduates, which was an intense and rewarding piece of work.

We talked about CV writing, interview practice, 25 different places to look for work, the importance of networking and the need to smile and sell yourself.

It’s all in the book Job Hunting 3.0 if you’re interested, which is a great compliment to a job hunting workshop.

This type of course can be hard to sell because many people don’t value job hunting skills as worth investing in. People who would like a salary of £20,000 are often unprepared to invest £200 to get it, which seems ludicrous to me.

However, this course wasn’t sold on the brilliant content or potential life benefits. It was sold because I ‘Richard Maun’, international speaker, multi-book author and TV star was leading it.

And if you’re smirking at this description just remember that it’s all true. The people on the course came to see me and were very pleased that I’d made time for them. They had been on to YouTube and see the interview with Fanny Kiefer and they’d checked out the book reviews on Amazon.

I was someone worth paying money to listen to.

And I am.

Whatever your business does – you are in it. You lead it. You give it soul. You deliver high quality products or services. You are part of what differentiates it from the competition. You are brilliant, lovely, talented, clear thinking, fun to be with, diligent and reliable! You matter!

The next time you are selling your services remember to include yourself in the package.

I delivered a brilliant workshop over the weekend and was asked to come back next month.

I’m talented and worth the money – and so are you!

So, go ahead and sell yourself this week!


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