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Do You Back Yourself?

27 October 2014

It is tempting to forget that whatever job we do, whether it is PAYE, or self-employed, or within a partnership, we are our own brand.

We sell our time and our skills in return for money. We go to work to do a good job and to be fairly rewarded for our efforts.

People who work with us want to feel good about sharing their life with us and they want to feel comfortable that we don’t present a risk to their health, or wealth, or continued organisational success. Brand value reduces risk by getting us to accept qualities and attributes imbued within the brand-DNA.

We are surrounded by brands who do a great job of backing themselves – they want us to think well of them and to buy into their lifestyle, their benefits, their products and to win our loyalty.

We can do a great job of backing brand-Us too …we can know that:

1) It is Ok to know what we do well.

2) It is Ok to have pride in our work and our skills.

3) It is Ok to value our outputs at work.

4) It is Ok to tell people what we do well.

5) It is Ok to celebrate our successes.

6) It is Ok to toot on our own trumpet!

7) It is Ok to back ourselves!

So, this week what will you be doing to back yourself? When can you have a little toot on your trumpet? When can you ‘big up’ Brand-You?

Next week: Systematic Sales Success

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