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Design-In Time For Fun

18 January 2015

Every Thursday I turn into radio-Rich and spend two hours broadcasting news, music and live business interviews between 12.00 and 2.00pm. You’re welcome to listen in online at Future Radio or find it with a radio player app.

I’ve been hosting the Business Life show for three years and love it as much now as I did on day one.

And the big lesson here for me is that fun time is good for business. When I started the show I was worried that a weekly fixed point commitment would harm business, by constraining my flexibility, but I was wrong. Instead of being a concrete block in the way of progress it has been a pivot around which to turn. I often use Thursday as a networking day and because I have to be in Norwich for radio fun I can easily book in meetings either side of airtime.

So having fun has helped my business!

And I would add that radio is a charity gig. We are volunteers and give our time for free (including production time too). I’m personally not keen on doing charity work that involves me sitting in a bath of beans, or cycling to the moon, and see no reason why I can’t do good work and have fun at the same time, so radio is the perfect fit for me.

What could you do to have fun each week and design-in some good times?

It doesn’t have to be charity work. You could go for a walk, fly a kite, read a book, play a musical instrument …anything that brings a smile to your face!

What dare you do? Once a week…every week! Go on, you can have fun too!

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