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Delegation Time

18 October 2015

Are you busy? I expect so! In fact I don’t seem to know any adults who are not busy and rushed off their feet with work and life! I’m so busy I can’t even take time to write a long blog so a short one will have to do. Oh no! Almost out of time already and haven’t got to my point yet. See! I’m so busy I used the word ‘got’, which will have my old English teacher frothing into his cocoa. I should have said ‘reached’ or ‘arrived at’ or something a bit more writerly. And I’ve now noticed I’m too busy for paragraphs as well. Oh dear, this is all too frantic. Which is the point of the blog – I’ve recently had to admit that I am too busy with client work and now need to delegate three important administrative tasks. Once I realised that I could not do it all (and in fact wasn’t doing it all and had not done so for some time) then delegating them was like a breath of fresh air and took a big puff of steam out of the boiler (to mix metaphors). If you’re too busy for paragraphs, or for thoughtful prose, isn’t time you found help and support? If it’s good enough for the Queen (I’m sure she doesn’t vacuum Buckingham Palace all on her own, I bet she has a helper) then it’s good enough for us. Don’t delay – delegate today!

Next week: Over Thinking (Avoid)


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