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Delegate The Dull Stuff!

3 December 2012

Are you working on your business (developing it) or working in your business (maintaining it)?

This is a classic question for owners of small businesses, who often feel that they have to do everything. Maybe they did need to on day one, when having expenses to sort out seemed like a fun thing to do and killed a day! (I’m speaking from experience here).

However, do you need to keep doing the duff stuff, once you get busy? The answer is: No.

Admin might be essential, but in itself it won’t develop new products, make new connections or win new customers.

Therefore, it makes sense to budget some money to enable you to delegate a few of the routine tasks – in order to free up time for thinking, reflection, networking, sales work and product development.

How much is some? Well, maybe £50 buys you 2 to 3 hours of time …which may not sound like much, but could mean the difference between writing up your expenses on time, or organising sales activity …or not!

When I started Primary People I rather naively thought I’d build an empire and be at the top of the pyramid. However, I’ve come to realise that I’m at the bottom of the pyramid and look up to the team who enable me to have fun, develop brand-Rich, market books, advertise products and take care of detailed admin.

I love working with a team of hand-picked superstars and by getting people to do only what they excel at I get the maximum return for the minimum investment.

My permission to a client last week was to do what you love, ask the world for what you need and delegate the dull stuff!

You’re welcome to take the same permission and spend more time working on your business!


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