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CV For 2015

9 February 2014

A good CV is updated regularly, to keep it fresh and bursting with sunny goodness! You never know when your next opportunity is going to pop up and say ‘hello!’ so, like all boy scouts, it pays to Be Prepared.

However, CV writing tends to be a retrospective activity, and it occurs to me that it would be fun to write out three achievements to go into our 2015 CV and then to spend the year that is 2014 working to achieve them.

We can burden ourselves on a to-do list that is too full of intentions and possibilities, instead of one that has our clear goals set out at the top – floating free of the clutter.

And given that this is about #BetterBusiness we can also have fun thinking about our business, or organisation, as if it was a person and write a CV for it. What has your business achieved over the last two years? How would you summarise its profile in less than five lines of text? And most importantly – what are the three key target achievements for it this year, and do all you staff know what they are too?

With a CV for 2015 in our mind’s eye we can focus on what is truly important, for ourselves and for our business.

So, this week….think about three key achievements, for you or your business. What is it that will drive success for you this year?

I know what mine are – feel free to email me with yours and I’ll share back!

Next week: The Importance of Being Well.


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