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Crossing The Rubicon

17 January 2016

Within our own business we probably have some no-go areas, such as the petty cash box, the list of everyone’s salary and the biscuit barrel (after I have topped it up with Malted Milk biccies, which are the finest in the world, so keep your paws out).

For me my Rubicon was invoicing. During 14 years of business I have delegated all sorts of admin and support tasks, but I have never delegated anything to do with invoicing. That has been my no-go area.

Julius Caesar had literally to cross the Rubicon, because in 49BC it was a river in Northern Italy. He marched his troops through it, thus passing ‘the point of no return’ as he was now considered to be a traitor. I bet nobody nicked his Maltedus Milkus biscuits!

However, leaving Caesar to one side, I had to cross my own Rubicon a few weeks ago. Exhausted from a long and emotionally draining year, I realised that something had to change. There is no point slogging on, convincing ourselves that next month we will work a little bit harder and sort the issue. That’s a con. I woke up to my own con and finally handed over invoicing to one of my PAs. And guess what? She was faster and more organised than I was and now we are on top of them every month.

Maybe, if leading a treacherous assault on the Roman Empire is a bit ‘big league’ for you this week, you could acknowledge your own con instead and make a change to improve things.

Cross your own Rubicon and make a mark in your business history!

Next week: You’re Fabulous!


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