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Chat Your Way To More Sales

2 October 2016

Selling is all about building trust and confidence, which can rest in the quality of our website, our advertising and how our reputation travels. Trust can also be built simply by taking the time to get to know people …we start off as strangers and as we find areas of commonality can become friends. Too many people, in my experience, go networking to dish out business cards and aggressively work the room to maximise their ‘face time’ with people.

Personally I like to set my sights much lower. One good conversation is my target for any networking situation and I would prefer to find one new friend, than hand out 10 business cards and not really get to know anyone.

The art of chatting doesn’t have to be limited to face to face contact either. We can Skype or use messenger services, such as WhatsApp, to keep in touch and chat about life and work.

Chatting brings results, so have fun and go and talk to people!

Next time: Differentiation!


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