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Change One Thing…

11 January 2015

The new year is firmly underway now, like an elegant cruise liner that has slipped past the breakwater at the end of the harbour and is now ploughing ahead into a rolling sea. Already I have managed to cram two working weeks and a mini-break into the first week back (thank you Centre Parcs) and am now typing this as I pack for a short business trip, print an invoice and shuffle through a small, but insistent, pile of emails.

And I bet that you’re doing something similar too!

I’m wondering what I could do to change things around and make better use of my time (there is always waste in any system and new performance improvements to be had) …and so I wonder what you would like to change in your business?

Maybe we could delegate more work to one of our support colleagues, maybe we could hire an office space and travel less, maybe we could stop a project dead in its tracks?

When we plan our business year ahead it’s tempting to add new things to our work flow and yet how often do we balance that by stopping, or curtailing, a project? Sometimes it makes sense to prune back our commitments.

And often there is one central pivot around which successful change revolves. Previously I changed the way I organised my sales activity and – hey presto – I became more effective and have successfully grown my business. Nothing else mattered as much as this – a heap of tiny tweaks would not have had as much impact on my turnover.

This week have a think about making a key change – you can start, stop, simplify or combine activities. Make a good choice for a good business year!

If you’d like to email me with your change for this year I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Next week: Design-in Time For Fun


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