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Celebrate What You Do Have!

17 September 2012

We were on the beach the other day, as you do when the seaside is a short drive away and you have a house full of boys, who need to dig holes in things.

We dug holes in the sand and then had a race down to the sea, to paddle and wash our hands and generally splash about.

On the return journey to base camp we had another race, but this time one of the twins fussed and huffed, instead of taking part. Theo, aged 10, won comfortably. Dad, aged 44, made a heroic effort and finished a sensible last. Harvey twin would have been second equal, with Oscar twin, aged 4.

Instead though, Harvey twin scuffed his toes in the sand and wailed:

‘It’s not fair! Theo won again! He’s faster than us!’

Without breaking stride, Oscar twin grinned and said:

‘Yes he is faster Harvey, but we’re cuter!’

So this week, stop grumbing about what you don’t have or can’t do and instead focus on the strengths that help you. In the world of Modern Careers, where we need to use what we have to the maximum effect, it pays to celebrate our cuteness, instead of bemoaning our lack of speed.

What makes you cute?

Or worth hiring?

Have fun!


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