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5 July 2015

Today (5th July) is my birthday! I love birthdays and the best thing about them is that I have an inexhaustible supply of them for the rest of my life. Yesterday wasn’t my birthday and tomorrow isn’t either and yet that’s no reason to restrict my celebrations to just one day. Next week I’m off on an adventure to collect a rather special musical instrument and that’s a celebration of being me, being able to play music and being worth something rather special to play it on.

You are special too. Your birthday is special. Your business success is special. Your small wins are special.

We often do too much work and too little pausing to celebrate the positive outcomes.

So, this week please go and celebrate something. Even if all you do is dunk an extra biscuit at tea break and think a happy thought, that is enough.

Life is tends to be short, tough and unpredictable. You’d think given that status, we’d all have GCSE A* in Celebration Studies!

However we don’t, so it’s up to us to find a way to notice the good things and the good people and most important of all – ourselves.

Find something to celebrate please! Go to it with gusto!

I’m off to scoff another birthday chocolate and when the sun comes out again I will be sunbathing (me time) or swimming in the river with the kids (us time). What do you like to do?

Next week: We Can Find Our Voice


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