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Building The Rocket

16 September 2013

It’s that time of the year when I get excited about the launch of my new book and this year there is a twist. As well as writing a book for print, that is due out at the end of September, I have also written an ebook, which is designed to preview the main title and provide additional unique content.

My sixth book is called RIDING THE ROCKET and the ebook preview is called BUILDING THE ROCKET.

We all have a career, whether we like it or not, and it is up to us to take care of ourselves and make the best of the opportunities that come our way, or which we generate for ourselves. Both titles contain useful insights and models designed to help us make good career choices and maintain our confidence.

Building the Rocket is available on Kindle for the enormous sum of 98p and it you’d like to take a look the link will whisk you there right now: Yes please take me to Rich’s ebook!

If you’re too busy to check out the ebook at this time, here are a couple of excerpts:

a) Success Factors. A successful career is based on many things, however it is possible to identify key success factors. There are 5 in the ebook and 3 of them are: Determination, passion and resilience. We need to have a strong work ethic, have a clear purpose and direction and also the ability to evolve with workplace and technological changes. What do you consider to be the attributes that help you to be successful?

b) Essential Foundations. The ebook describes 10 useful states of mind that promote positive self-talk and enable us to do well. Two of my favourites are: Nothing lasts forever and there are always options. If we anticipate change and do our best to embrace it then we will tend to have a happier working life and if our thinking gets clouded we can work with friends and supporters to generate new options and find new directions to go in.

We can only be responsible for ourselves and therefore it is up to us to manage our career to the best of our ability. What will you do this week to help yourself?

Enjoy exploring the ebook only title that is Building the Rocket.

Next week: Trusting our intuition


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