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Book 5: Bouncing Back

1 October 2012

When I was first published, a writing friend told me in all seriousness that I could call myself a ‘proper writer’ when I had published five different books. The thinking here is that if many people write one book then few write five – so if you’ve kept going that long you’ve made the grade!

For fun, I’ve worked out that in total I’ve now published 227,000 words, which have resulted from 1,650,000 key strokes. Of course, this ignores the fact that about 50% of everything I write is deleted, edited or heavily rewritten, so the total writing output is much higher than these figures suggest.

Bouncing Back is the title of book five and it’s been written to help people who have suffered a career set back. It also makes a great companion to the best-selling Job Hunting 3.0. It’s full of stories, including my own, and is built around the idea of transition and how we can all be resourceful. It’s a great little book and contains a whole chapter about physis – probably the most useful word that nobody has ever heard of..!!

If you want to write you can too! The only rule is to keep going! I’ve always been a writer at heart and my message to me is:

A) Take a bow Rich – you’ve now reached the five-book milestone!

B) You wanted to make it happen and you did! Well done!

This week I’d be really pleased if you would pop along to Amazon and ‘Like’ Bouncing Back (book or Kindle) and then recommend it to a friend who could do with lift.

Oh and take a bow yourself for working hard! What’s your next goal? Mine’s book six, which I’m currently planning!

Have fun and thanks for all your ‘Likes’!


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