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Beware The Say-Do Gap

11 September 2016

A few weeks ago a colleague was grumbling that a leader they worked with always had a lot to talk about, was full of ideas and made you feel she was really on the ball and supportive. And then there was no follow through and so the promises and commitments failed to materialise. How would that feel to you to be left adrift, after being lead to think things would change?

Leadership is about delivery, but sadly many managers just manage and they don’t lead by making things happen. They fall victim to the ‘Say-Do’ gap and think that leadership is about droning their way through a 50-slide presentation. 

Leaders need to act on their words, deliver on their promises and make sure they retain the trust of their colleagues by meaning what they say and doing what they said they would do.

Saying …builds castles in the air. Doing …builds businesses.

What do you need to do this week?

Next week: Make It Happen


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