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Beware Of The Enemy!

18 May 2020

Life is tough for everyone at the moment. I’ve noticed many people comment that their sense of time is disappearing, as the old order of work and weekends is being eroded.

We used to be at home at weekends and out and about on the school run, or at work during the week.

Now though, we have new routines and life feels very different.

We can’t plan a holiday, or meet friends and although online quiz nights are fun, they are still no substitute for human contact. Online smiles are great and yet they can lack the warmth that we get from being with someone.

A short term disruption to our business is something, that although unpleasant, we can deal with for a while. Our assumption being that if we hang on, it will all come good in the end.

As we realise that there is no quick fix to the current situation we may become disheartened. Decisions that we have kicked into the long grass haven’t gone away and we now need to start squaring up to them. Tough times may get tougher.

And there is always hope. We all have that and if we can keep a sense of optimism about us, then we can think good thoughts and be positive.

We can avoid the enemy, which is fatigue.

Stress tires us. Having to reshape our business tires us. Unwelcome decisions sap our energy.

And amongst the stress we can take a moment to check out how fatigued we are right now. The answer being probably more than we realise.

A good sleep is great. Without it our senses become dulled and we may be irritable with those around us. Rest and sleep enables us to face those difficult decisions with more clarity. We can plan more effectively and we can keep a more positive outlook.

So this week please take time to notice how tired you are. How tired are those troopers around us, who are working hard and not complaining?

Maybe we can switch off our smartphone for a weekend and give ourselves a break from the news, the speculation and the general intrusion of life. We can allow our stressed minds to cool down and unwind a bit.

We can all keep fatigue at bay and can support those who look worn down to us.

Even an extra hour of sleep each night adds up over time. One hour a day, or even one a week extra, can make a huge difference to our well-being.

So, what can you do this week to keep the enemy at bay?

Keep well. Make time to rest.

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