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Being Not Ok

14 March 2015

William Finch 24.03.2000 to 26.02.2015

This post was going to be about being Ok, and as it’s Ok to be Not Ok in an Ok way, it’s actually about me feeling Not Ok right now. 

Okness is all about recognisng that we have a right to be here, we can think for ourselves and we can choose to make changes. 

I might not like what you say, or how you say it, and yet that doesn’t remove your right to exist, or mean that you are not loveable to your family and friends.

Being Not Ok means recognising that something is amiss, and making a good decision about what to do about it.

(Perhaps we don’t always make good decisions and it’s Ok to have a few miss-hits from time to time …such is life).

In my heart I’m Ok, I know that – we are all Ok. In my head though I’m Not Ok as I have to face the funeral of my nephew on Monday. I feel deep sadness and the gnawing realisation that life will never be the same again. William was struck down by a sudden virus that sadly lead to his early death – a one in a million event and no less tragic for it.

You and I will face loss as part of life and knowing this doesn’t make it any easier.

William was a lovely chap, who drew cartoons of Vikings and loved engineering and who brought warmth to his family and big smiles to his friends at school. We all miss him, every day. Fourteen is too young to die. 

This blog post is dedicated to him. Take time out this week to hug someone special and to remember someone else who isn’t able to hug you back.

If you have a story and want to share then you’re welcome to email via 

Sleep well dear William. You are loved.


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